We bring Container Technology to the Cloud

SUSE Cloud Application Platform is an outstanding modern application delivery platform that fully caters to the needs of both developers and IT operations professionals. It implements the proven Cloud Foundry workflow for cloud native application delivery to simplify the developer experience, streamline cloud native application delivery, and boost productivity, efficiency and agility. It runs on SUSE CaaS Platform, as well as on the Kubernetes services offered by all the major public cloud service providers.

With additional support for multi-tenant, multicluster and multi-cloud management, SUSE Cloud Application Platform is a choice that you can start with, and stay with, no matter how large your cloud native application delivery practice grows.

Implemented by Adfinis

Based on Cloud Foundry

Runs on most Kubernetes and CaaS Platform

You want to:

Increase Agility

Provide new technologies and services

Get to market more quickly

Ensure the quality of applications

Keep ahead of the competition

Then you're right here

On the pulse of time

"As the world’s largest purely open source software vendor, SUSE® should be on your shortlist as you weigh up your cloud native technology and platform options."

"60 percent of enterprises are already leveraging Kubernetes and a further 27 percent are planning to in the near future."


That's SUSE's Cloud Application Delivery


Boost developer productivity with easy one step deployment of cloud native applications using the language and framework most appropriate for the task.


Reduce complexity and increase IT efficiency with a single, lean, platform that brings together proven open source technologies for rapid application delivery at scale.


Maximize return on investment with industry leading open source technologies that leverage your existing investments.


The experienced consultants at Adfinis will be happy to advise you on your way into the cloud and provide you with the tools you need to make the right choice.


The SUSE Cloud Application Platform will be implemented by Adfinis individually tailored to your business processes and needs.

Support and Maintenance

On request, your Cloud Application Platform will be supported 24x7x365 after the implementation. This includes monitoring, support and maintenance. 

DevOps is a mentality that's being lived with SUSE's Cloud Application Delivery.


Fault tolerant and self-healing,with high availability for critical components, SUSE Cloud Application platform monitors the health of all containers, and automatically restarts failed ones.

Support for both the native Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry Diego container schedulers provides flexibility for operators.

Enterprise ready, 100% open source technology, including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, and Stratos UI protects your investment and lowers your risk.

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